Although puppies from all of Madison's litters are in their forever homes - they're still a part of our family!

Our pick for Best Puppy...
Our niece Lila!


Otis at home with his new family!

Hi Susan, We are having the best time with Otis, he is getting so big and is so much fun and very comedic. He has definitely given us a glimpse into parenthood (sleepless nights...that was only at first, now he likes to sleep in, especially when we let him climb into bed on Sunday mornings... and constant supervision, sticks and stones and trash and about anything on the ground is fair game). Otis loves to walk his neighbor dog, Maggie, she doesn't care much for puppy play, but will allow him to carry her leash for a few blocks. Otis has two best friends, Bexley (a 14 week old shepard/lab mix who lives in our building) and Dexter (a friend's 2 year old Golden Retriever). Dexter has taught Otis how to walk and swim... he was a little stubborn at first, decided he'd rather sit still waiting for people and dogs to walk by, fuss over him and rub his belly. Everybody says that he is the calmest, best looking Chocolate Lab they've ever seen, some even suggest he should be on TV! We are still working on not jumping or mouthing people's hands, they don't mind so much now... but in another 40, 50, 60 lbs it'll be a different story. We are thrilled to have Otis in our family and are so grateful to you for raising such wonderful puppies!

I've registered Otis with AKC, he's official name is Soundview's Albemarle Blues... Albermarle is the name of the place we live and Blues for both his original label (Dark Blue) and for OTIS redding rythm and blues. He's received his certificate and I've placed ii with Madison and Dauber's pedigrees. I've also attached some pictures for you to look at (I can't figure out how to send all of them at once so I'm sending multiple emails) and put the ones you want on your website. Thanks again for Otis, he really is wonderful and we love him so much.

With Love,
Brooke and David
P.S. Otis sends his love and kisses too!

Remington at home with his new family!

Dear Susan, Remi is doing very well. He seems to be feeling very comfortable in his new home and with both John and me. He has made his space his own, finding his favorite places to sleep or to hide. He's sleeping very well, with only one night that he barked and whined. When I come down in the morning, he is usually laying there quietly just waiting for someone to join him. Of course, he is extremely excited to be joined! He has also grown quite a bit, and is a armload to carry around. Overall, he is absolutely adorable.

I'm assuming all puppies are in their new homes, so I hope you are not feeling too lonely. You have plenty of 4 legged companionship, though, so I'm sure you are doing fine, and are perhaps enjoying a bit of peace and quiet, although the female puppy is likely keeping you quite busy. I will be sending some pictures your way soon.

Take care.

Mr. Myers at home with his new family!

Hello Susan I hope your life is well and settling down. With the little ones (minus the two you still have) mostly gone. I bet life is settling a little. I wanted to give a little report on Mr. Myers. He is doing great! It took about 3 days maybe 4 to get him over his heart ache of missing you and his family. But he is doing great now. What we've done (don't groan :)) is let him sleep in our bedroom. When we put him in his crate he cried and barked and got so anxious. The first night he slept in my arms (I couldn't handle his poor panicked cries and he was so agitated) the next two nights we tried tough love and the crate.. but that was so sad. So the next night (and onward) he simply sleeps on a dog bed by our bed. He does GREAT! He sleeps through the night (out to toilet at 9pm and then up at 6am) He doesn't get into any mischief or anything and he is so happy! Since we took him out of the crate at night, he simply wags his tail all the time. He truly is 85% house broken already. He wines when he has to poop. With pee.. well he seems to pretty much hold it and we put him out regularly. So we aren't having many accidents at all. Maybe one a day.. which I think is excellent. We took him to the lake with us (the family took a week vacation w/pup at the lake house) and he swims.. he is a little beaver in the water. He also loves sand, loves to dig in it, roll in it and fly around crazy. He also is so funny about sleeping outside, he won't sleep on the grass - he has to have a towel or blanket under him. It is very cute. He even crawled up into my chair and slept in that when given the opportunity (I know - getting spoiled already - we will temper it down). He also knows how to sit. He sits on command. And we worked on the leash a lot and he has that down as well. He is quite quick. We introduced him to neighboring nice/calm dogs this week and he did well. Initially he growled and backed up .. but now he shows a lot more confidence. Wiffle balls.. I have to recommend wiffle balls.. to all the other owners if they haven't discovered them yet.. wow.. he loves the wiffle ball. He can pick it up, throw it, chase it... really cute. We are teaching him to retrieve, he is getting it, but he does tire. Else, he is a chewer, so we are watching him carefully and giving him things he can chew. Levi.. Mr. Myers loves Levi. Levi is coming around. He was rather stoic and would hide all the toys that Myers grabbed the first few days, but now they chase each other from time to time and Myers climbs all over Levi. They are cute together. We just love our Mr. Myers (aka Tank or Squirt -nicknames) Thank you so much.. here are a few pix.. and I agree.. his coat is excellent! It is so fun to rub your fingers in and mess around.

Chat soon.

Miles at home with his new family!



Miles has been an absolute joy since the moment he came home to live with us. So well behaved, so sweet, just an doll.  He has never growled, doesn't bark (really!), waits patiently to be fed, does not attack his food bowl (like other chow-hounds we know), sleeps thru the night (from day one!) and we are blessed to have him.  He is absolutely beautiful, but beyond that, he has the personality to die for. Quite honestly, I can't say I have owned a nicer dog in my life.  He is just a gem, and is everything a Lab should be...sweet, kind, fun, playful, and a gentleman at all times! We are very proud of him and of course, you should be too!  We love him dearly! We would love another puppy someday, but right now is just too difficult with two older dogs (14 years of age) and trying to think about getting Miles out to shows (what with the cost of gas! Ha!).  But I am sure that we will be overjoyed with anything else you breed, as he has just been a dream come true! Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts and please feel free to use the newer pix I sent you for your website, as the pool pix doesn't really do him justice!

Billy & Ellen

Miles is now AKC Championship Pointed!!!
Congratulations Billy & Ellen.

We look forward to watch Miles work towards his Championship.

Maddie and her family (formerly Heather)

Brandy and her new family!

Trooper and his new family!

(Trooper is from our Maddie's first litter!)